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Services & Pricing

The following outlines my service fee, which includes menu planning, grocery shopping, food preparation and pantry items such as spices, oils, vinegars and condiments. The price of your groceries is not included, which I believe allows for more choice for my clients. I will present an itemized receipt from the store(s) in addition to my cook date invoice.

Individual clients or Family Plans

Four servings of five different entrees......... $315
Four servings of three different entrees......... $250
Two servings of five different entrees........... $215
Two servings of three different entrees.......... $160

Share a Chef Plans

Sometimes a personal chef cook date for one family or person isn't an optimal use of the service. I offer the Share a Chef plan so that two or three families, or individuals can share the results of one cook date. The only consideration, besides the menu selection, is deciding whose kitchen I will use. There is a minimal surcharge per client and I appreciate one payment for services rather than dividing the cost and billing separately.

For any plan, packaging containers and pricing that might be associated with them are discussed at the initial consultation.

Special Occasion

Special occasion meals and menus are priced according to the chef fee and cost of groceries. I am available to shop, prepare and cook for brunches, luncheons, or dinners.

Jean Gruber, Personal Chef

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