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As I was growing up in a family of nine, my mother, also a Jean, prepared delicious and savory meals. They were traditional or trendy, rustic or sophisticated. But no matter what the style was, they were always made from fresh ingredients, and made with love, consideration and respect. Following in her steps, both by name, and love of fine cuisine, I am called the Cooking Jean.

My appreciation for the many facets of food, ie, nourishment, bonding, custom and culture, along with the art of menu planning, spurred me to sharpen my culinary skills, knowledge and efficiency in the kitchen. If practice makes perfect, then my own family of eight has allowed for ample opportunity to perfect my talents.

For the sheer love of food I have taken, over the years, a considerable number of cooking classes. I am also a graduate of the Culinary Business Academy. But in truth, my skill, my confidence, my knowledge and my efficiency are the combined result of thousands of hours in the kitchen, a natural talent for taste and a love of the creative process afforded to home chefs.

Lots of people love food, but I actually love cooking. I've read, tried, tested, and tweaked hundreds of recipes. I am inspired to create menus from cook books and magazines and family. Some people get excited for a new season of clothes, I look forward to a change of season at the market. I create fantastic meals for my friends and my family. I hope to do the same for yours.

My philosophy of meal preparation is this:

  • Prepare food using fresh ingredients
  • Avoid pre-made, artificial and preservative laden ingredients
  • Patronize local businesses and try to be as eco-friendly as possible
  • Be considerate of those for whom you cook
  • Cook with joy
Jean Gruber, Personal Chef

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