The Cooking Jean

Don't bring dinner home, come home to dinner!

Fresh ingredients from the local grocer, seasonal produce locally grown, delicious menus of all varieties...all this and a skilled personal chef who wants to know, "What can I make you for dinner?"

The Cooking Jean is a professional personal chef service that provides healthy, delicious meals for those with hectic schedules and those who, far too often, find themselves in the prepared foods section of the grocery store at dinnertime. My primary function is to provide clients with freshly cooked meals that I prepare in the client's home after I do the early morning chef shop at the local grocer. I bring all of the necessary chef equipment and accessories, cook for a few hours and then leave your kitchen spotless and your refrigerator full.

I have been preparing meals for my family, my extended family, and my friends for over twenty years. In addition to the thousands of hours of hands-on experience in my home kitchen, I have also attended numerous technique cooking classes with prominent local chefs. I am a graduate of The Culinary Business Academy and a premier member of The United States Personal Chef Association.

Who uses a personal chef?

  • Working parents who want to enjoy a healthy, family meal in their home, without making a stop at the deli counter on the way. Even if one parent stays home, family schedules in afternoons and early evenings can become too hectic to always provide a tasty homemade dinner. (see "share a chef")
  • Couples that sometimes prefer dining in, by themselves or with friends, instead of going out.
  • Families and caregivers that have a recovering patient could certainly benefit from healthy and tasty home cooked meals.
  • Families and individuals seeking proper food choices for healthy living.
  • Families with new babies.
  • Individuals who work or travel extensively during the month and simply don't have the time to shop or cook.
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How to get Started with a client plan?

First call and we'll discuss a time to meet for a consultation. After assessing your needs and answering your questions, I will ask you to fill out a food survey that entails likes, dislikes and food allergies. Then we will discuss your options about packaging containers... reusable, recyclable, disposable. Finally we will arrange for a cook date and entrance into your home. I will email, fax or mail a menu to you for your approval and wait for your reply.

On the morning of your cook date, I will shop for your meal ingredients then I will come to your home. I will generally arrive between 9:00 and 9:30 depending on your location and the numbers of stores I visit before I have gathered the appropriate and freshest ingredients. I carefully prepare, cook, package and refrigerate or freeze your homemade meals. I clean your kitchen, pack up my gear and leave you with a menu of your choices and detailed reheating instructions.

Jean Gruber, Personal Chef

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